CONTRACTILE FIELDS – BRISBANE, HOBART or MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. March and October 2019  A series, organised by Body Organics and From Within Pilates, was ideal for osteopaths, physiotherapists and pilates teachers who want to move beyond simple protocols and repertoire formula.

May – Meridians – what was mapped 2000 years ago. Shiatsu Practitioners Association of Aotearoa NZ H (SPAA), Golden Bay NZ


March – Contractile Fields with Phillip Beach. A 2 day workshop with Master Pilates Teacher Tania Huddart. Wellington

March –  Archetypal Postures, Contractile Fields & Meridians with Osteopathic Center Québ, Montreal, Canada

March – Postures Archétypales, Champs Contractiles et Méridiens with Le Centre ostéopathique du Québec, Vancouver, Canada

April – Contractile Fields with Kalijo Pilates, Sunshine Coast, BC Canada


June – Pre European Tour: Contractile Fields. 2 days of practical exploration into understanding The Contractile Field Model, Archetypal Postures and their profound interrelationships. Wellington, NZ.

May – An introduction to whole organism manual therapy. NZ College of Massage, Wellington, NZ

June – X. Berlin, Germany

July  – X. China Lano Terme, Italy

September 22-24 – Embryo to Movement. Rome, Italy


March – X. Unitech. Auckland, NZ

April – Barefoot Walking– the how and why. Wellington, NZ

June – Masterclass: treatments, archetypal postures and body sculpting with contractile fields with FPCO, Centre de formation Professionelle. Paris, France.

July – Contractile Fields with Anna Maria Vitalli, Master Pilates teacher. Move like a fish; move like a jellyfish; move like a human. Grotto Terme, Italy

September – An introduction to whole organism manual therapy. NZ College of Massage. Wellington, NZ

October – ONZ & OA Conference:  Sitting postures. Brisbane, Australia


March – Contractile Fields and Meridians – via palpation. Pilates on Tour 2015,  X USA

April – Contractile fields and the Archetypal Postures, Phoenix, Arizona

April – Contractile fields and the Archetypal Postures, London, UK

May – Human Movement Patterning, XX Austin, Texas

May – Contractile Fields – a new way to understand human movement – Mountain View, California

May – Ostéopathie myofasciale, with CFPCO, Paris, France

May – Masterclass, with CFPCO, Paris, France

July – Contractile fields and the Archetypal Postures, Sacramento, California

October – Contractile fields and the Archetypal Postures, Chicago, Illinois


May – Contractile Fields & Archetypal Postures, Wellington, NZ.  A 2 day workshop for pilates teachers
Osteopaths New Zealand, Auckland, NZ

June – Contractile Fields for Osteopaths. A 2 day workshop for the osteopath professional, NZ