Hi, Phillip Beach here with a first attempt to blog. This one will introduce my approach to understanding human movement.

It’s complex. Biology just is that way. 500+ million years to tinker with how to construct life that is robust and reproducible is a recipe for complexity. Below is a schematic from a mentor, Professor Brian Goodwin’s book ‘Signs of Life’ of an anchovy interacting with its marine environment. Everything depends on the living matrix that surrounds it.  A species in isolation is a dying or dead species (the human condition?).

Likewise, for example, a muscle, isolated, is a contractile element that is out of ‘tune’ with its matrix. Gym machines that reduce complexity and attempt to isolate muscles are not biologically sustainable. They lack the complexity that is a hallmark of living systems. In the long run, if you want to achieve your movement dreams into your latter life and age gracefully, go for movement complexity. Barefoot walk, run, dance.

My aim at the moment is to be as fast around my local kid’s playground overhead frames as a six-year-old.